Mayo Clinic expands access to clinical insights and digital content

Mayo Clinic is expanding its library of clinical insights by enabling other healthcare organizations to access and deliver digital content across the clinical and operational aspects of a patient care journey. Mayo Clinic has partnered with Lumeon, a care pathway management solutions company with an automation platform, and will integrate with the company’s platform.

Healthcare providers can make Mayo Clinic’s insights available to patients and care teams in an automated way for contextually relevant care experiences through the partnership. The collaboration aims to improve how care teams access clinical decision support and patient education content, which has previously remained in passive repositories that have to be manually delivered. As a result, patients and care teams often are left with missing, conflicting or excessive instruction, which can contribute to fragmented patient care.

“We are excited to be working with Lumeon to operationalize the delivery of Mayo Clinic’s high-quality content within automated care experiences,” Sandhya Pruthi, MD, medical director of the office of patient education, content services, knowledge management & delivery editorial services at Mayo Clinic, said in statement. “Mayo Clinic continues to make available a broad variety of content that health systems across the US can immediately take advantage of, including content spanning chronic disease, wellness, maternity, behavioral health and risk assessment algorithms.”

The content in the library covers diseases and conditions, symptoms, tests and procedures and is authored by Mayo Clinic editorial staff and clinicians. The content, which is developed regularly and reviewed at least every two years, is available in English, Spanish and Arabic.

“Mayo Clinic is not only one of the most prestigious health systems in the world, but they have also been an early adopter of digital online content, making it available to the public and in-house through digital websites and applications,” Lumeon CEO Robbie Hughes said in the same statement. “At Lumeon, we believe health systems now have a unique opportunity to activate this digital content as part of an automated care journey, personalized for different patients’ needs and preferences. This takes the weight off their care teams, and ensures patients are informed, educated and on target with their care goals and activities.”