Amazon will sell exclusive line of medical products

In another step into the healthcare arena, Amazon has teamed up with a health brand consultancy company to sell exclusive medical products on the Amazon marketplace, CNBC reported.

The partnership with Arcadia Group will offer products such as blood pressure cuffs and glucose monitors, according to CNBC, and follows Amazon’s interest in selling exclusive lines of products and brands. The new brand of medical products is called Choice.

While the products will be exclusive to Amazon, Arcadia Group has also developed other health brands for Walmart and others, CNBC reported.

Amazon already sells over-the-counter medications and operates as a platform for medical device sales through its Amazon Business branch. The company is actively making moves in healthcare elsewhere, including teaming up with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase & Co. to create a new entity to lower healthcare costs for the employees of all three companies.

Amazon has also opened up healthcare clinics for it employees at its Seattle headquarters. Its Alexa voice technology platform also is increasingly finding new healthcare-related solutions.

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