Chinese-linked scientists steal US biomedical research

Other countries are targeting and stealing confidential scientific research from U.S. institutions and academic centers, according to a report from The New York Times.

The National Institutes of Health and the FBI are investigating efforts of scientists to steal biomedical research on behalf of other countries––and nearly all the cases involve a scientist of Chinese descent. Those allegedly stealing for China include naturalized American citizens. A total of 71 institutions are looking into 180 individual cases of theft of intellectual property.

The investigation by NIH started after the FBI sent a letter to the organization urging it to be more vigilant in its oversight of government grants.

The issue is so widespread––affecting top medical institutions and schools––that new fears of systemic Chinese espionage have risen and the biomedical field has been shaken. The theft includes ideas, data and other methods that could lead “to profitable new treatments or diagnostic tools,” the NY Times reported.

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