Drug makers have made no vows to lower prices, say PBMs

Several major pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), functional middlemen that negotiate drug prices with manufacturers, say they’ve received no commitments from big drug makers to lower prices, The Hill reported.

Several PBMs, including Express Scripts, Humana, MedImpact, Optum RX and Prime Therapeutics, wrote to Sens. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, and Tina Smith, D-Minnesota, that drug companies haven’t made any promises on prices, despite President Donald Trump’s blueprint to lower overall drug costs.

After Trump pressured some drug companies about specific drugs with rising prices, a few major manufacturers postponed or halted planned price spikes. However, no larger commitments with long-term prospects of lowering overall prices have come to fruition.

PBMs have been caught in the crossfire between lawmakers asking HHS about how to lower drug prices.

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