Johnson & Johnson will publish drug prices in TV advertisements

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) will provide the list price of its prescription drugs in television advertisements starting in late March. The company will be the first manufacturer to take such a step, according to The New York Times.

Healthcare transparency—specifically drug pricing transparency—is a key issue among American voters, the Trump administration and congressional lawmakers. J&J's actions follow a proposal from CMS that would require drugmakers to publish list prices. 

Leading drugmakers continue to increase their drug prices, despite steps taken by the Trump administration to curb such actions. In response, the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Reform announced it will open a “sweeping” investigation into skyrocketing costs.

J&J will begin publishing the price of its popular blood thinner, Xarelto. Commercials will provide patients with the pill’s list price and typical out-of-pocket costs. Additionally, the commercial will include a website where customers can visit to enter insurance information to get personalized and specific costs. Another drugmakers, Eli Lilly, began advertising a website to direct consumers to find the price of its popular diabetes medication

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