Texas is trying to deal with surprise medical bills

Surprise medical bills, where patients get a sky-high bill in the mail weeks after they received care, are a major issue for consumers. But one state that has tried to help alleviate the pain of the bills has been overwhelmed.

Thousands of Texas residents sought help from the state government to help with their medical bills, overwhelming the consumer protection bureaucracy, the Texas Tribune reported.

The issue of surprise medical bills has become big news and garnered the attention of lawmakers. With bills reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars, some healthcare providers changed their billing practices after the plights of these patients made media headlines.

Texans requesting mediation from the Texas Department of Insurance may not be getting timely help from the state after a massive backlog built up, according to the Texas Tribune. Surprising medical bills often happen because insurers and providers can’t agree on the price of medical treatment, leaving patients caught in the crosshairs.

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