Top 10 highest physician salaries in 2019

Not all physician specialties are alike when it comes to salary, with some commanding significantly higher earnings. In fact, some specialties can yield double the salary of others, according to a recent MedPage salary survey.

Here are the top 10 highest physician salaries by specialty:

  1. Orthopaedics––$426,413
  2. Cardiology––$422,414
  3. Urology––$406,714
  4. Radiology––$399,841
  5. Gastroenterology­­––$394,661
  6. Pain management––$342,053
  7. Anesthesiology––$339,123
  8. Emergency medicine––$320,973
  9. Dermatology­­––$319,505
  10. Oncology––$313,627

By comparison, the highest salary for a nurse practitioner and physician assistant by specialty were $166,969 within anesthesiology and $161,956 within gastroenterology, respectively.

The survey is based on 5,308 responses providing salary information, with 69 responses used for the report. See the full figures here.