Healthcare leaders publish open letter to Americans: Stay home

More than a dozen national healthcare leaders have taken to the pages of USA Today to tell Americans a specific message to combat the spread of the new coronavirus: Stay home. In a letter published on USA Today, healthcare leaders–including former acting administrator of CMS Andy Slavitt, Haven CEO Atul Gawande, other policy leaders and many more leader of health systems––urged people to stay home and avoid all crowds in order to slow down the spread of the virus.

The letter comes at a time when President Trump declared a national emergency over COVID-19, and several states and cities have banned gatherings.

In addition, Americans are urged to wash their hands often and not to panic. Staying home and avoiding crowds is likely to slow the spread of the disease and lessen the risk of complications and severe symptoms for at-risk patients and the elderly.

While the Trump administration has enacted some international travel restrictions, the healthcare leaders urged Americans to temporarily suspend all commercial and rail travel.

The letter also addressed healthcare workers on the front lines and asked all to help out in the pandemic.

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