Democrats spar over healthcare in second round of presidential debates

In the second round of presidential debate of Democratic candidates, the hopefuls took on healthcare right away, debating Medicare-for-all proposals and a public option on stage. The arguments over healthcare “set a combative tone” for the rest of the debate and underscored the contentious national dialogue over the issue as a whole, the New York Times reported on July 30.

In addition, the debate highlighted a split among the Democratic party between those that support Medicare-for-all and those that do not.

“In the end, it was a battle between aspiration and pragmatism, a crystallization of the struggle between the party’s left and moderate factions,” the NY Times reported.

The healthcare debate comes at a time when the Affordable Care Act is facing is biggest challenge to date, after a federal judge declared the healthcare law unconstitutional in its entirety. The case is in the appeals process.

Among the Democrats, voters will have to decide on a candidate with a plan that either pushes the ACA forward or favors a new healthcare system entirely.

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