House Speaker Paul Ryan opposes Medicare for all

As more democrats are jumping on board the Medicare-for-all train, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R–WI) slammed the idea, arguing that his colleagues across the aisle have “gone off the rails,” The Hill reported.

Ryan warned that a Medicare-for-all plan would effectively pull every American off their current healthcare insurance coverage and not be managed well by the government.

“Everyone—no matter how much you like your plan—would have their plan taken away,” Ryan said during a speech at the National Press Club. “The only way to control costs would be to ration care, and restrict access to doctors and treatments. All of these decisions would be made in Washington.”

Ryan’s fighting words come after HHS Secretary Alex Azar also came out against the idea last month. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) popularized Medicare-for-all after presenting his idea in a bill to Congress. Former President Barack Obama has also expressed support for the move recently.

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