In Iowa caucuses, healthcare issue takes center stage

Healthcare was top of mind among Iowa caucus-goers as the start of the 2020 election kicked off in the state on Feb. 3. About 60% of Democrats at the Iowa caucuses said they support eliminating private health insurance and moving to a single-payer healthcare system, according to the Washington Post.

By comparison, 38% opposed the proposal to eliminate private health insurance, according to exit polls by Edison Research, as reported by the Post. About 40% of Democrats named healthcare as the most important issue for them in the election.

While it was clear the majority of Democratic voters in Iowa were more likely to agree with Senator Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) plan or Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma.)––two candidates who support Medicare-for-all plans––the results of the caucuses were less clear.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the day after the causes, results for the Democratic presidential candidates were still not publicly released. The Iowa Democratic Party planned to release the majority of the evening’s results by 5 p.m. EST, after a technical issue delayed results as the party conducted quality control. An app designed to report caucus results has been to blame.

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