Trump order will thrust healthcare prices into limelight

The Trump administration is expected to release an executive order this week that mandates the disclosure of healthcare prices across the industry, The Wall Street Journal reported. If enacted, the executive order could turn the traditionally opaque healthcare industry on its head.

The report, which cites people familiar with the matter, further states that the administration is looking at allowing federal agencies to pursue actions to force industry players to disclose cost data and leverage the Department of Justice to look at hospital and health insurer monopolies, which are driving up the cost of care.

The order, if given, would build on President Trump’s efforts to tackle rising healthcare prices. The administration recently required drugmakers to publish the list prices of drug products in direct-to-consumer television ads. The administration also announced this month principles to review with respect to tackling surprise billing.

While details of the order are not completely known, internal disputes over the scope of mandated price disclosures have delayed its release, according to the WSJ. The order could come as early as this week, the WSJ’s sources noted.

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