Diabetes drug tainted with carcinogen

A probable carcinogen NDMA has been found in a diabetes drug metformin, testing by a pharmacy has confirmed. The FDA previously announced it was testing metformin, which helps control blood sugar, for NDMA.

Online pharmacy Valisure confirmed high levels of NDMA, Bloomberg reported. Specifically, the pharmacy found NDMA in 16 bathes of metformin from 11 drug companies, with 16 times the acceptable daily limit of NDMA found in a batch by Amneal Pharmaceuticals. Batches by Ascend Laboratories and Actavis Pharma were also found to have the carcinogen.

Valisure asked the FDA to request a recall and investigate “what happened with the contaminated products,” Bloomberg reported. When the FDA announced its testing at the end of last year, the agency stated it would recommend recalls as appropriate. Other testing by the agency found low levels of NDMA within the acceptable daily limit range.

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