Regulations & Policy

The Trump administration has released its Medicaid block grant program under a new name that allows states to designate funding and put a cap on Medicaid spending. The program, dubbed Healthy Adults Opportunity, is an optional intervention initiative that fundamentally changes the way part of Medicaid is funded.

CMS will now cover Next Generation Sequencing through FDA-approved or cleared lab diagnostic tests for patients with inherited ovarian or breast cancer.

The pharmaceutical industry upped its lobbying efforts in 2019, with a record-high of $29 million spent lobbying Congress.

The Supreme Court won’t take up the ongoing appeal over the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, leaving the decision in the hands of a lower court.

The American College of Physicians, which represents 159,000 internists in the U.S., has endorsed a single-payer American healthcare system.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar took some heat from President Trump after a recent poll showed Democrats leading when it came to the issue of healthcare.


The Affordable Care Act has remained strong despite the lack of an individual mandate, which was effectively stripped in the 2018 budget by Republicans.

Drug prices are still rising, with manufacturers hiking up prices at the start of 2020. And the “reluctance” from the Republican party to challenge those rising prices could become a huge liability for the upcoming 2020 election, according to The Hill.

The Trump administration is pursuing a plan to allow the importation of certain drugs from Canada and other countries in an effort to lower drug prices. But the plan isn’t likely to work, according to a Forbes op-ed.

The Trump administration has moved forward with a partial ban on some e-cigarette flavors in an attempt to limit the widespread usage of the products with young people. However, the FDA described the policy priorities not as a ban, as the agency has accepted and begun reviewing applications for flavored e-cigarette products.

President Trump signed the latest $1.4 trillion spending bills into law to fund the government and simultaneously gutted three taxes related to the Affordable Care Act: the health insurance tax, Cadillac tax and medical device tax.

The individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act, which requires individuals to have health insurance coverage or face a penalty, has been declared unconstitutional by the Fifth Circuit Court. The ruling is a victory for the Republican-led lawsuit to overturn the ACA. However, it still leaves other elements of the ACA without a decision, including the popular provision of healthcare coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.