Arkansas, the first state to implement work requirements for certain Medicaid beneficiaries, isn’t seeing the promised benefit of increased employment as a result of the new rules, according to a recent report from The Commonwealth Fund.


Repealing the Affordable Care Act would have serious, immediate consequences, according to the Urban Institute, including 20 million more uninsured people.

President Trump is planning to issue an executive order that will “compel the disclosure” of healthcare prices, according to The Wall Street Journal, which cited people familiar with the matter.

President Trump is promising a new healthcare plan for the nation in recent media interviews, though there have been scant details so far.


The pharmaceutical industry is taking action after the Trump administration finalized a rule that would require drugmakers to publish list prices in television ads.

The Trump administration was warned that its policy changes undermining the Affordable Care Act would cause disruption to healthcare coverage and likely increase taxes, according to a leaked internal memo, first reported by Politico. CMS Administrator Seema Verma penned the memo in August 2018 and outlined how several policy changes could negatively impact the ACA market.


As Medicare for all continues to gain traction among American voters and more Democratic presidential nominees take up the platform, the American Medical Association has decided not to support such an initiative.

HHS, with the Departments of Labor and Treasury, has issued a new rule to expand the use of health reimbursement coverage, which provide tax-preferred funds for employees to buy their own insurance on the individual market.

CMS wants to reduce the paperwork burden for the healthcare industry and is asking for stakeholder input on its initiative, Patients over Paperwork, the agency announced June 6.


Proposed rules to mitigate one of the biggest obstacles to value-based care––interoperability––and provide patients with access to their own health information for free are being met with privacy and security concerns from industry stakeholders.

Brand-name drugs are likely to keep rising in price, even though the top-selling ones have been available for years and have already seen their costs skyrocket, according to a new study published in JAMA.


Accountable care organizations aren’t living up to their full potential when it comes to using EHR, according to a recent report from the Office of Inspector General.