CMS has decided to cover an expensive and new therapy that uses a patient’s own genetically modified immune cells to treat cancer.

Medical schools are facing pressure from doctors, industry organizations and students to add climate change to the curriculum, The Wall Street Journal reported.


The Trump administration is working on a new healthcare plan that can act as an alternative to Medicare for all, which has been adopted in the platforms of several Democratic presidential candidates. The administration is contemplating releasing their plan in September.

The drug industry is not happy about a new plan from the Trump administration that would allow cheaper drugs to be imported from Canada. The initiative, called the Safe Importation Action Plan, was announced by HHS July 31.

In the second round of presidential debate of Democratic candidates, the hopefuls took on healthcare right away, debating Medicare-for-all proposals and a public option on stage. The arguments over healthcare “set a combative tone” for the rest of the debate.

HHS is launching a new action plan for the safe importation of certain prescription drugs to bring in medications from foreign markets. The Safe Importation Action Plan extends recent initiatives from the Trump administration to make prescription drugs cheaper in the U.S.

Just a day after announcing three new payment proposals for 2020, CMS introduced a new pilot program for clinicians focusing on data.

CMS unleashed a slew of proposals July 29, including 2020 payment rule proposals and a requirement for hospitals to publish the payer-specific negotiated prices of healthcare services.

President Trump is reportedly working on another executive order targeting rising drug prices, according to Reuters. 

CMS Administrator Seema Verma does not support expanding the government-sponsored healthcare programs she oversees to all Americans.

With Medicare for all on the lips of many Democratic presidential candidates and public support for universal healthcare coverage at its highest ever, concerns about healthcare usage under such a system have arisen. However, hospital use isn’t likely to rise under a Medicare-for-all plan, according to research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Changes to the accountable care organization shared savings program by CMS are having the desired effect, but fewer ACOs are participating in 2019. The declaration comes from CMS Administrator Seema Verma, who recently penned a blog post in Health Affairs outlining the recent outcomes of the ACO shared savings program.